Monthly Letter

Dear Friends

I must confess to not being much of a reader - because normally by the time I get to the end of a book, I’ve forgotten what happened at the beginning. Then I get hopelessly confused. So my heart sank when a friend gave me a book, and said once I had finished it would be good to have a chat about it…. I felt like a naughty schoolchild being told to do their homework. So reluctantly I picked up the book. “The one hundred years of Lenni and Margot” by Marianne Cronin. 

A story about 2 terminally ill patients, aged 17 and 83, who strike up a friendship in hospital. They embark on painting pictures of their lives, of growing old and staying young, of giving joy and receiving kindness. It is beautifully written and does include much joy and adventure, as the rebel is released in both. Then of course there are the wonderful conversations Lenni has with a rather bemused Chaplain. But within her witty and quite blunt questions is a revelation of her own search for meaning, which is quite profound.

So instead of cursing my friend for giving me the book, I found myself thankful that I had made the effort. I then read about the author to discover it is her first book, and took 6 years to write. I marvelled at the fact that someone should dedicate so much time in writing a book, in the hope that someone like the likes of me should happen to pick up and read it.

So on a dark cold evening – if you want to be reminded of the beauty and extraordinary gift of life and the wonderful friendships that evolve, then why not give this a try.

And if this doesn’t appeal at all – why not pop along to Brookland Church as we have many books to choose from that people have donated. So many – that we are a bit overrun at the moment (we currently cannot take any more)! – so please come and grab a book !

God Bless

Rev Shuna

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