Brookland School


Brookland Church Of England Primary School, has stood at the heart of the village since 1873. Growing from a handful of children to a school of 105 pupils.
The school is set in the beautiful village of Brookland and surrounded by the Romney Marsh, an area known for it’s natural beauty, rich history and diversity.At Brookland Church of England Primary School we believe in the highest quality education for your child.  Education that is focused on learning to learn, enjoyment and high expectations for all the children in our care. As a school we have made a promise that we will work with children and families with the aim to provide our children with a brighter future, providing them with the skills and confidence to make the right choices as they move through their lives.Our children take responsibility for their learning. When faced with those challenging times
in their lives where choices have to be made they have the confidence to make the
right choices and pursue their own path.
We promote the highest standards of behaviour and believe that anyone who enters our
school is a role model for how we should treat each other. Our children develop strong
moral values rooted in our school’s Christian ethos and this religious character is a
very important dimension to our life and work at Brookland. 
We have strong links with the church of St. Augustine’s in the village.The school has a fine tradition academically, socially and spiritually.  Our academic excellence
is present through our exacting standards and high expectation for all our learners. 
Our social excellence is seen through our exemplary adherence to ensuring our children
are polite, caring, well mannered and possesses good social attitudes. 
Our spiritual excellence is found in our passion for Collective Worship, through our
Christian values and our belief that our relationships reflect the love of Jesus.However, these are just words. If you would like to see our school in action,
gauge our energy and enthusiasm and experience the ethos I have described
then please do not hesitate to visit us. You will always be welcome.
I look forward to welcoming you to Brookland so that you can
see for yourself our very special school.

Mr Martin Hacker


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