Annual Report 2021

Brookland and Fairfield Annual Report

January to December 2021


The parish of Brookland and Fairfield comprise of less than 500 houses. Services take place monthly in both Churches, with additional Holy Communion Services every 2nd Wednesday evening at Brookland.

The pandemic resulted in the closure of all our Churches reducing potential sources of income through our visitors. Therefore we welcomed the reduction in Parish Share that has recently been announced. This comes after having to have drawn a significant amount from our reserves, a practise that we cannot afford to repeat.


Brookland Services

Evensong takes place on the second Sunday of the month. Tracey Laws is the organist and choir leader and members of the congregation greatly appreciate their musical contribution. However sadly the congregation has decreased recently. Coming out of lockdown during the winter dark evenings probably has not encouraged people back. We hope that the lighter evenings may encourage more people to attend.


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Fairfield Services

The Holy Communion Service takes place at 10 am on the 1st Sunday of the month. It is very pleasing to report the steady increase in congregation over the last few months, at times doubling in size compared to previous years.

We advertised the carol service as being outside (due to Covid precautions). This resulted in a reduced number of people, which meant that we were able to have it inside safely.

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There were 2 Baptisms in Brookland

There was 1 Baptism in Fairfield. This included a blessing for the parents who had got married at Fairfield during the pandemic.

The Church noticeboard at Fairfield collapsed. However we were very grateful to Kevin Roper who made us a new beautiful noticeboard – and refused to accept any payment for it.


1 wedding at Fairfield Church

Reverend Shuna Body conducted the wedding service of a Brookland resident, at Snargate Church. Reverend Michael Gooch also assisted.

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1 funeral and burial service was conducted at Brookland Church

Reverend Shuna Body conducted a Service of Cremation of a Brenzett resident


Covid restrictions meant that we were unable to have many events, which further hindered our efforts to raise money. However of the few events we had, people were very generous in their giving.

The Pop up Bar, in September raised in excess of £1200 profit. This was largely due to a few very significant pledges of money before the event. The event highlighted the need to have a facility to accept card payments. So we signed up to Sumup which has no standing fee and a very small percent fee charged related to use. An unexpected benefit has been people scanning the QR code when buying items in church. It is also now on our website. Most weeks we receive money in this way. It also has the facility to invoice and send receipts which may be useful for weddings.

Harvest Supper

This was well attended by Brookland and Snargate parishioners and took the form of a Fish and Chip Supper in Brookland Village Hall. The raffle and ticket price raised £220 which Snargate were kind enough to allow us to have in full.


Works were carried out on both Brookland and Fairfield churches in 2021 utilising grants from the Romney Marsh Historic Churches Trust.  This comprised the preservation of external woodwork and internal paint remediation due to damp at Fairfield church.  In Brookland we were able to improve the safety of the electrical wiring to the Bell Tower plus the addition of two more sockets removing the need to trail multi-blocks across the floor. 

The corner of the porch roof was damaged by local council operatives but sensitively repaired. 

The audio system in Brookland was also upgraded providing vastly better sound quality particularly for those with hearing problems. This was funded by a grant from KCC Councillor Tony Hills and Brookland Parish Council.

Working closely with the RMHCT, we will continue to undertake preventative maintenance on both churches to ensure they are structurally sound and present well in to 2022.




Help from the 'Fifth continent' project provided Brookland with bat and bird boxes along with a tree provided by KCC to replace the dead cherry tree that was removed a couple of years ago. 

Brookland Churchyard and surrounding area has lost a notable amount of trees in recent years. Courtesy of Folkestone and Hythe District Council 2 Silver Birch trees and 1 Amelancheir was planted. Permission has been sought through the Diocesan faculty system to have an outside tap installed to aid watering. A grant for this purpose has been applied to from RMHCT.

All works carried out had the relevant permissions/faculties that were required.

Nursery School

After many years of dedicated service Maxine Mills retired from running the Nursery School, and passed the business over to Lisa Belcher. However the process was very drawn out  due to delays with the Diocese and legal procedures. However this seems to be nearing completion

The cess pit in front of the Nursery School collapsed and permissions have been gained in moving onto mains drainage which KCC has agreed to undertake.

So despite being another very challenging year – we got through it ! As always I am enormously grateful for the support from members of the PCC and congregations who have assisted so willingly. It is very much appreciated.

At the end of the year we welcomed Reverend Chris Hodgkins to New Romney and became part of the newly formed Romney Marsh Benefice.

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