Brookland Church History

Brookland Church
A distinguishing feature of the Church is the detached octagonal wooden bell tower. The tower was built around 'around 1265, and so is contemporary with the church itself. There are many theories surrounding a tower which is separate from the Church. Perhaps one of the more believable is that originally it was an open tower with one bell acting both as a church bell and as a flood warning . Other theories talk about Giants, a builder who was asked to build a church and a tower ! But the fact that the ground could probably not support the weight of a stone tower attached to the church is perhaps more likely.  We will let the visitor decide !

The church is dedicated to St Augustine, the first Archbishop of Canterbury.

The Royal Arms of George II hang over the south door, and on the south wall is a wall painting of Thomas Becket.

There is a circular lead font, now thought to have been made in this country about 1175. It depicts the Labours of the Months and the signs of the zodiac.


Alternate Wednesday Evening 6.30pm Holy Communion. Please check calendar

2nd Sunday of Month – 6.30pm Sung Evensong




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